Chickpeas with Country Sausage
It is so easy to make chickpeas from scratch. Plus you can make lots of them and freeze them.
Add some country sausage and cooke them slowly in tomato sauce.
Red Greek Honey dumplings
Red dumplings sprinkled with a lot of thyme honey, toasted sesame seed and cinnamon. The traditional Greek “loukoumades” turn into red to please your Valentines palate. Save the recipe. Its ideal if you are having a kids party or for a Christmas/Easter dessert. Combine with a scoop of your favorite ice-cream.
Greek Risotto with Mushrooms (aka Trachanoto)
The Greek Trahanas is a tiny, pebble-shaped grain product made of goats milk (for sweet trahanas), or yogurt (for sour trahanas), mixed into flour or cracked wheat to form a thick mass. Once the ingredients have been combined, they are broken into chunks, dried, and then broken up into smaller, pebbly pieces.

95% of the kids I Know LOVE trahanas. This kid-friendly healthy fast food (it only takes 10 minutes to mke a trahana soup) , is what we Greek mothers still prepare for dinner, when we don'
Warm Potato salad without mayonnaise
This Greek-style potato salad recipe is once again the proof that you need only a few simple ingredients, full of aroma, to transform 4-5 humble potatoes to a culinary masterpiece.
Greek Yogurt Lemon Cheesecake
No time to make a New-York style cheesecake? Are you looking for a cheesecake with a short ingredient list, less sugar, no eggs, no bake, and made with the famous Greek Yogurt? This No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake is so good you won’t want to mess with fussy baked cheesecakes again!
Save your time to play with your kids. Simplicity matters and not only to our health.
Pumpkin bread with pumpkin puree and seeds
A pumpkin bread made with pumpkin puree and pumpkin seeds
The Greek Traditional Walnut Pie (Karidopita)
You should make this Walnut Pie for many reasons: 1. It takes only 5 minutes of your precious time, 2. You don’t need to wash a mixer when you are finished, and 3. You will get your kids eat WALNUTS (rich in omega 3 fatty acids). The Mediterranean diet emphasizes on eating nuts and seeds. And it is scientifically proven, that they are highly essential, as they help our kids maintain a normal blood pressure, help reduce their cholesterol level, reduce inflammation and keep their heart healthy.
Strawberries with honey
Now is the season to find the most delis and sweet strawberries.
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