Christmas Mood
Roast Chicken with Christmas spices
This homemade Roast Chicken will look so fantastic on your Christmas table. If you are not keen on turkey for Christmas make this buttery chicken, roasted within the aromas of Christmas spices and fresh oranges.
Melomakarona with Olive Oil & Honey
The most traditional and my personal favorite Christmas sweet made with olive oil and honey. There are so many “Melomakarona” recipes. What I like in this one, is that no sugar is added, plus I don’t need a mixer.
No sugar Oatmeal Cookies with tahini
Easy and quick to make, with three only ingredients, without butter and sugar, full of protein and very very healthy. One thing is for sure; you are going to make those cookies all year long.
Turkey Fillet with Ouzo in Parchment
If you don’t have a whole team available to help you preparing the christmas turkey, this is the recipe. Very very easy, plus you can prepare everything from the previous evening and keep them in your fridge. The juices coming out from the mushrooms and the greens, make the turkey soft and tender.
No flour "Melomakarona" with tahini
This recipe is made for my friend Maria, who is diagnosed with celiac disease. I met her again, while I was in Athens, and I gifted her a metallic box filled with my homemade gluten free melomakarona.
Chocolate cookies with Rosemary
Cooking like a Mediterranean means using herbs to give flavor and aroma to your creations. Rosemary is my favorite herb, but this is the first time I used it to make something sweet.
The Greek Traditional Walnut Pie
The easiest Karidopita or Karydopita ever! The ultimate Greek dessert. Pair with a scoop of ice cream.
Chocolate Prunes stuffed with almond
Perfect to satisfy your kids sweet tooth, healthy to use as a full of energy after school snack, and ideal to help your kids with constipation problems. And as always…very very easy.
Kourambiethes - Greek butter cookies
Cookies with a delicious toasted almond crunch, coated in lots of icing sugar. At my husband’s birthplace (the area of Kavala Northen-East Greece), kourambies in enjoyed throughout the year, and this area is known for the most highly aromatic and fluffy Kourambiethes.
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Hello parents of the world and welcome to “TheJuicyTomatoes”.


I am Kalli, a Mediterranean Eating Campaigner. Born in Athens, Greece, currently living abroad, civil engineer and mommy of two very active kids.


I am here to show you how easy cooking for the family can be. To give you the Mediterranean Recipes I prepare for My Kids. Tested recipes, easy, quick and transformed in a way that they are friendly for children (picky eaters too). Recipes created to get your kids eat vegetables, fish, poultry, legumes, nuts, whole grains, etc. Meals cooked with olive oil, yogurt, and herbs. My Will is to help you introduce your kids the MEDITERRANEAN food regime, the most popular, researched and most balanced diet, the diet that is proven to contribute to their cognitive and physical development. 


Hope you’ll stick around.

July 23, 2019

Not only the most exemplary Greek meze for ouzo and tsipouro, but also the best side dish for your legume meals. Find out how to make the best homemade marinated anchovies - the Greek Sashimi.

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March 30, 2019

"Plaki" is a Greek way of cooking fish in the oven with tomatoes, potatoes and herbs. It's a popular cooking for big or medium-sized white fish such as red snapper, blackfish, cod, flatfish (common so...

March 22, 2019

Tradition calls for Greeks, every year on the anniversary of March 25th, to have fried cod coated with beer batter (aka Bakaliaros) paired with a garlic dip (aka Skordalia). The 25th of March is a Nat...

March 7, 2019

Imagine small pieces of octopus slowly cooked in freshly grated tomatoes and winter spices. Picture the juices of this melting sauce penetrating your macaroni. This dish is an ode to the Greek vegetar...

June 19, 2018

This is a recipe for the kids that do not respond to plain fish with a squirt of lemon. Mix your corn flakes with Mediterranean herbs and make a wonderful aromatic crust for Sole fillets (that are nor...

May 11, 2018

Cooking like a Mediterranean means respecting your original ingredients. When it comes to shrimps (especially if they are fresh), you just want to feel their natural and intensified flavor in your mou...

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