Tapas and "tsipouro" in Pelion Greece

For your eyes only: The tapas landed on our table in a Greek tavern at Pelion. And we just ordered two glasses of " tsipouro ".

According to mythology, Pelion peninsula was chosen by the Greek Gods for their holidays and revelries. This mountain - little known by non Greek travellers - is green and lush, with fresh water gurgling from fountains and it's steep slopes dense with plane trees, apple orchards, apricot and chestnut trees, oaks and beeches. Dotted with amazing stone villages, hundreds of pathways leading to old churches and hidden beaches with green coloured gin-clear waters, Pelion is definitely a MUST destination, and i especially recommend it for family holidays.

While you are there you should definitely take part to a local ritual, which is centred around tsipouro (a Greek alcoholic spirit distilled from marc or pomace, similar to grappa).

All you have to do is visit a small tavern, grab a table, order tsipouro or ouzo if you like and wait patiently. A wide and random selection of small-plate surprises make their way onto your table, accompanied by the local drink, which is served in individual 25ml bottles. This culinary institution is dated back to the 1930s. There are so many traditional plates that accompany tsipouro. Spetsofai (sausages with peppers), grilled octopus, smoked fish, fish roe salad with fresh bread, wild artichokes, cuttlefish with wild fennel.

This is the idea: To sit altogether patiently around a table, having nothing else to do for the rest of the day, letting go of all your worries, being with your love ones, to drink, talk, laugh, taste, embrace the beauty of living.

A tradition based in hospitality that brings togetherness and cheerfulness.

Google "Pelion Greece" and get all the information you need to organise the perfect holiday. And remember that Pelion is an ideal destination for the whole year. If you need any help, let me know.

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