Easy Snack: Corn on the Cob

Summer, summer, summer. The perfect time to honour the Corn. I remember my childhood summers. All those afternoons playing by the sea, waiting for the sun to set, eating corn on the cob with plenty of salt, slightly tanned, and slightly crispy. Are your kids hungry again and asking for food? Do you have 10 minutes? Prepare this healthy, full of antioxidant nutrients, snack. Wrap it with an aluminum foil and take it with you at the beach or the playing ground.

How to cook corn on the Cob


4 ears of corn, shucked Water Salt and butter


How to do it

  1. Shuck your corn husks and then rinse off the corn.

  2. Take a very large pot for cooking adequately.

  3. Boil the Water.

  4. Drop the Corn in the Water. Poke the ears a little bit so each side gets covered in water.

  5. Cover the pot with a lid and lower heat to medium.

  6. For just softened corn kernels, cook for 4 minutes. The kids usually like it softer, so cook it for 8-10 minutes.

  7. Serve corn with butter and salt.

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