Greek Salad – Horiatiki

In Greece we call it ‘Horiatiki’, which means village or peasant salad. Why? Because the salad’s essential ingredients were often what a farmer would take to the field for his mid-morning snack; only he would keep the ingredients uncut and wrapped in a cloth with a piece of bread. When hungry, he would bite straight into his tomato, his chunk of feta, and his onion. In some areas olives where available too.


Hands on: 15 minutes

Serves:      4

how to make a greek traditional salad horiatiki


2 tomatoes (cut in small pieces)

1 cucumber (cut in slices)

1 green bell pepper (cut in cubes)

1 onion (small, cut in slices)

5-6 olives

1 tablespoon dry oregano

1 tablespoon caper

150 g (5,3 oz) feta cheese (cut in cubes)

2 tablespoons parsley (finely chopped)

1-tablespoon mint (finely chopped)

1-tablespoon sea fennel (if available)

2 tablespoons purslane (if available)

6-8 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoon white wine vinegar

5-6 rusks



How to do it

  1. Take a big bowl and add the tomatoes, the cucumber, the pepper, the parsley, the purslane (optional) and the onion.

  2. Season with salt and mix well.

  3. Add the caper, the sea fennel (optional), the feta cheese and the olives.

  4. Break the rusks in big pieces and add them too. Mix gently.

  5. Sprinkle with mint and oregano, add the vinegar and the olive oil, and you are ready to serve.



  • An authentic Greek salad does not include lettuce.

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