November 11, 2018

Bird watching, Horse riding. Buffalo Farms visiting, amazing food made with buffalo meat and milk. Visit Greece in Autumn. Do not miss this experience!

June 12, 2018

In Greece the word “keftedes” on its own means meatballs, but the poor who rarely could afford meat made “keftedes” on the spur of the moment with whatever ingredients were to hand or using the leftovers from the previous day. So you can find “keftedes” with zucchinis, wild greens, chickpeas, octopus, olives etc. 

If you are contemplating of visiting the Greek islands for this year’s holiday, then...

June 30, 2017

God I love Mani, my mother's birthplace.  This region lies to the southern part of Peloponnesus just 3 hours distance from Athens. My brother and me went there every summer with our grandma Theodora and stayed for two months. Two amazing months! Now that I have kids I realize what a hero she was managing the two of our cousins and us.  

The red hat girl in this ph...

June 16, 2017

For your eyes only: The tapas landed on our table in a Greek tavern at Pelion. And we just ordered two glasses of " tsipouro ". 

According to mythology, Pelion peninsula was chosen by the Greek Gods for their holidays and revelries. This mountain - little known by non Greek travellers - is green and lush, with fresh water gurgling from fountains and it's steep slopes dense with plane trees, ap...

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